Important Things Every Newbie Drummer Should Remember

I have learned many useful tips over the years while learning to play the drums. If you read GBHBL, you can learn how to improve your drumming skills. These strategies will help you avoid potential problems in the future. They also make learning easier, more efficient, fun, and less stressful. You will learn faster and have fun doing it. These are some of the important things to remember for beginning drummers.

Learn to Go Slow

Sticks This is as true for drums as it is for any other musical instrument. For drums, this rule is perhaps more true than for any other musical instrument because it is important to keep a precise rhythm. Although it’s tempting to play as fast as you can, especially when you’re just starting, this can lead to poor time management and a loss of technique.

You can focus on playing a measure and slowly filling it in with a metronome. Then gradually increase the speed, making sure you maintain the same control as if you were playing at a slower speed. Once you play the rhythm or fill at full speed, you’ll be amazed at how tight your playing becomes.

Learn Your Rudiments

There are many places to find the 40 Drum Rudiments, such as YouTube videos and numerous drum instruction books. Although they can be tedious to learn, the rudiments are crucial to improving your drumming. These rudiments will improve your technique and skill as a drummer. They are also a part of almost every song you want to play. A solid understanding of these fundamentals will make it much easier to learn new songs and create your own rhythms. Playing the drums is a very fun instrument to learn, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested.

Focus On Your Timing

Man As mentioned in the beginning, drumming is about keeping time. While it’s great to be able to play flashy fills or exciting snares, drummers are there to keep the beat for their band. It’s important to make sure your beats are accurate and flawless. While it’s great for drummers to be able to play incredible fills, it can also be a huge distraction.

Listen to Some Music

Listening You can practice your drumming by playing your favorite song. This makes practicing more fun and makes you improve faster. Playing a song also has a practical side to it. You will be forced to follow the music and it will show you when you’re not quite “in the groove”. It will keep you in the groove. Although you can (and should) do it with a metronome, jamming to a rock song isĀ  fun.