Things to Look for in a Dab Rig

It’s easy to think that any water pipe can be a sufficient dab rig. This is true, technically, but you want to be sure that the time, energy, and money invested will produce the best smoking experience possible. With that in mind, it’s wise to look for a dab rig that will give you the best possible hits like the MJ Arsenal Dab Rig. It’s not difficult, you just need to keep a few things in mind.


Smaller rigs are known to provide more flavor, while larger rigs are known to provide more hits. Again, if you’re looking to vaporize your flavor, then you need to choose a smaller rig. If you want to be able to shoot bigger hits, then a larger rig might be recommended. The size of the mouth region has a wonderful effect on the flavor of the vapor. Small mouthpieces allow you to taste the vapor better compared to larger mouthpieces. If you want to taste your dabs, try to look for a smaller mouthpiece.


bongSome rigs can be used without water, but you should never buy a sterile implant. Dabs are too hot to carry dry hits, so they can burn your lungs. Water cools the smoke as it travels through the dab for a more comfortable and safe smoking experience. Percolation is key to getting those hits that are eloquent. Percolators are an additional line of safety for the smoke to experience that further cools it down.

Percolators come in all shapes and sizes. Some equipment has only one percolator while others have several. For the smoothest hit possible look for a rig with two to four percolators.


When looking for the best dab rig, durability is the most important quality if not the most important quality when looking for a dab rig. A rig can be an aesthetically pleasing object you have ever seen but if it breaks within two weeks, well, you’ll never see it again. Yes, durable, high-quality heaters may cost a little more than expected, but they will last much longer. You need a dab kit that is made of quality materials and is durable.


As recommended, you should generally look for smaller dab rigs that have a smaller amount. Rigs with small chambers are the best, such as the Puck rig. The puck rig is a particularly great design for a while, as its low body generally suggests that the moment the vapor rises to the top, it goes straight to your mouth for optimal flavor. If you opt for a typical bong rig, then we suggest a straight pipe, as you want to have as clear a path as possible for your vapor.