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Maintaining the health of newborns

Maintaining the health of newborns

Our little angels are definitely a reason for us to wake up feeling enthusiastic every morning. Those of us that are not yet parents can agree with this simply by watching them from a distance. The newborns could give you this same feeling even when they are your nephew or niece.

Being the tiny and helpless humans that they are, they require utmost care. Any wrong move could lead to untold damages both internally or on the outside. Caring for newborns is known to be a responsibility of mothers. Unbeknownst to us, there are tasks that can be performed by fathers, aunties, uncles and even the grandparents. Here are some useful ways to maintain their health and watch them grow fast.

Bath them twice daily

Studies show that a nice warm bath followed by a befitting meal is a sure way to put the baby to sleep. You won’t have to rock them for hours on end after bathing them and feeding them. Better yet, they will fall asleep in your arms as you feed them.

A bath is also the key to freshness. Newborns are very sensitive and need to be-be treated as such. For example, when they mess up their diapers, they become uncomfortable if they are unchanged for hours. A bath followed by a fresh diaper is very necessary.

Healthy feeding

A newborn’s diet is only made up of breast milk. As they grow older, they become in need of some baby formula which is vital. Some of the best in the market are said to contain just what the baby needs to grow healthy.

The mother should also focus on a healthy diet that will produce milk for the baby to suckle. The contrary is also very true.

Take them for post natal checkups

Take your newborn baby to a qualified pediatrician who will have them checked thoroughly. Babies’ health needs to be keenly monitored so as to know how they are doing. You see them smile at you and are sometimes very calm. It’s also good to know their current state of health.

Do this as often as twice every month as it’s a mandatory for every newborn to have a healthy check up.

Surround them with lots of love and general care

As much as babies are said to not know anything, they are able to sense. For instance, when they are as old as one or two months, they can sense when their moms are around. Their senses are slowly becoming functional.

Mother’s milk has some smell that is unmistakable to them. Try carrying them when the mom enters the room. They will suddenly light up knowing that milk is here.

Look out for their general welfare as they are totally helpless.


Take them to your backyard for some bit of sun

This should be the morning sun and not the midday sun. Vitamin D is obtained from the sun and will help nourish their skin and strengthen their bones. The more often you do this, the better it will be for them and for you.


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