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Benefits of Playing Basketball

Posted by on Jun 10, 2019 in Sports | 0 comments

Since its creation, basketball has been a favorite sport of many people around the globe. Dr. James Naismith introduced it in December 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Since then, people have been playing the sport. In fact, basketball is one of the most watched sporting events worldwide. Almost every nation has its own national team. Nearly every country has its own league too.

Besides being an exciting game, basketball has tons of benefits not only physically but also mentally as well as psychology. Moreover, people can also improve socially by playing basketball. In this post, let’s discuss the benefits of playing basketball.


Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Any activity that involves constant movement is good for the heart. Basketball is one of the activities that can improve a person’s cardiovascular health. When playing basketball, your heart rate increases significantly because of the constant movement. Therefore, playing basketball can lower the chances of getting cardiovascular-related medical conditions such as stroke or heart diseases.

Excellent Strength Training

playing basketball

If you want to be an effective basketball player, you need to be strong. The good thing is that basketball is an excellent strength training exercise. You will get a full body workout if you play basketball. Therefore, playing basketball is good for developing your lean muscles.

basketball playerImproves Mental Health

Note that basketball is not all about physical strength. It is not all about who is more athletic. To be an effective basketball player, you must also be a fast thinker. This is the reason why players with high basketball IQ have an edge over their competitors. A person with high basketball IQ will always be a valuable member of the team. Therefore, you will also improve your mental health if you keep on playing basketball.

Self-Esteem Booster

One of the most significant benefits of playing basketball is that it can improve your self-esteem. You will feel proud, especially if you’re representing your school or community while playing basketball. The support you get will enable you to become more confident. Once you gain confidence, your skills will also improve significantly.

Weight Loss

Lastly, basketball is a great sport because it is a good form of weight loss activity. Playing basketball can be a high-intensity training provided that you make stay active throughout the game. As a matter of fact, a person who will play for an hour of a full court basketball game can burn up to 750 calories.  What’s more, playing basketball is more exciting compared to running on a treadmill. Therefore, basketball is your best bet if you want to maintain your ideal weight or if you want to lose your excess weight.


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Learn More About Keto Diet

Posted by on Oct 17, 2018 in Keto Diet | 0 comments

Keto diet is among the few methods that have been proven to help people lose weight and perform better at work. Unless you have been keen on finding the best diet, then there are chances that you have not heard of the benefits associated with this diet. The ketogenic type of diet has been around for a while now, and those who have known about it are enjoying the benefits. As with most people, the primary food consumed contain a lot of carbohydrates. And the way the body works is that it has to convert the carbo to sugar to fuel the body.

But with a keto diet, the body gets fueled by fats. That is why a keto diet involves consuming over seventy percent of fats in every meal that you eat and the rest should be in moderation. When a body begins to run on fats, it burns the fats faster and helps reduce the excess weight. Written here is how to find more information about keto diet.


Thanks to technology, now you have all the information you want on your fingertips. With just a laptop and an internet connection, you will be able to learn almost everything there is to know about the keto diet. Though some people are skeptical about the information they read online, you should know that there are legit medical and trustworthy sites that can give you the correct information.keto diet

Site Legitimacy

If you are among those, who have had a bad experience with the internet and did not trust anything you read online. Then you should know that there are legit sites that you can use to get information about the keto diet. The first step to knowing about keto diet from a site that is legit is by reading the comment section. People always leave a comment about the information and the benefits they got from a page. Medical sites are also great at giving the correct info.spinach for keto diet


If the internet does not work for you, then you need to get in touch with a nutritionist. However, you should note that an excellent nutritionist must have graduated from a known institution. Talking to a person who has gained more knowledge in nutrition can be an excellent way to learn and adopt a working keto diet. And when visiting a nutritionist, you should be prepared with all the queries you may have. Make sure your questions include the basic things like the benefits, side effect or ailments, and the duration to see any visible results.

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Why You Need to Exercise Regularly

Posted by on May 30, 2018 in Health and fitness | 0 comments

How often do you exercise? This is a question that you can expect different answers from different people. The saddest part of it is that there are those who will tell you that they rarely go for exercises. Hope you are not one of them because that can only be described as a health tragedy. Exercising regular is right for your health. Keep reading this article to understand why you should never ignore regular exercises.

Make You Happy

happinessAnytime that you feel sad and stressed, you should try exercises. It has been proved beyond any reasonable doubts that exercises can help someone who is stressed to do away with the severe stress. This is because it triggers the release of endorphins which is known to help reduces stress. So if you have stress or depression, then there is a possibility that you have not been going for exercises. It is not late. Taking that step can help change things for you.

Weight Loss

Do you want to have a good shape that will make you capture the attention of anyone? Well, the solution is simple. Just get to the gym and your things. It wouldn’t take you long before you start observing some positive things. The problem with many people is that they go to the gym for a few weeks and if they realize that they are not losing any weight, the decide to lose morale. That is the last thing you want to do. If you are that type, then it means that you are not disciplined and the worst of all, you do not have patience.

My friend, even Rome was not built on a single day, and this is why you need to be patient. You have to need to understand that going to the gym alone might not help. This like walking, however petty they might seem to you, they can actually do wonder.

Healthy Skin

Healthy SkinRegular exercises can help you to have good and healthy skin. You are probably wondering how? Well, first, remember that exercises are good for helping you to do away with stress. Stress is known to cause skin wrinkles, and that is the last thing that you want to have. When you are healthy, your skin will definitely look good, and that is what you. However, you should understand that excessive of it can damage your skin. After all, too much of something will always be poisonous.


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Maintaining the health of newborns

Posted by on Oct 2, 2017 in Health life | 0 comments

Our little angels are definitely a reason for us to wake up feeling enthusiastic every morning. Those of us that are not yet parents can agree with this simply by watching them from a distance. The newborns could give you this same feeling even when they are your nephew or niece.

Being the tiny and helpless humans that they are, they require utmost care. Any wrong move could lead to untold damages both internally or on the outside. Caring for newborns is known to be a responsibility of mothers. Unbeknownst to us, there are tasks that can be performed by fathers, aunties, uncles and even the grandparents. Here are some useful ways to maintain their health and watch them grow fast.

Bath them twice daily

Studies show that a nice warm bath followed by a befitting meal is a sure way to put the baby to sleep. You won’t have to rock them for hours on end after bathing them and feeding them. Better yet, they will fall asleep in your arms as you feed them.

A bath is also the key to freshness. Newborns are very sensitive and need to be-be treated as such. For example, when they mess up their diapers, they become uncomfortable if they are unchanged for hours. A bath followed by a fresh diaper is very necessary.

Healthy feeding

A newborn’s diet is only made up of breast milk. As they grow older, they become in need of some baby formula which is vital. Some of the best in the market are said to contain just what the baby needs to grow healthy.

The mother should also focus on a healthy diet that will produce milk for the baby to suckle. The contrary is also very true.

Take them for post natal checkups

Take your newborn baby to a qualified pediatrician who will have them checked thoroughly. Babies’ health needs to be keenly monitored so as to know how they are doing. You see them smile at you and are sometimes very calm. It’s also good to know their current state of health.

Do this as often as twice every month as it’s a mandatory for every newborn to have a healthy check up.

Surround them with lots of love and general care

As much as babies are said to not know anything, they are able to sense. For instance, when they are as old as one or two months, they can sense when their moms are around. Their senses are slowly becoming functional.

Mother’s milk has some smell that is unmistakable to them. Try carrying them when the mom enters the room. They will suddenly light up knowing that milk is here.

Look out for their general welfare as they are totally helpless.


Take them to your backyard for some bit of sun

This should be the morning sun and not the midday sun. Vitamin D is obtained from the sun and will help nourish their skin and strengthen their bones. The more often you do this, the better it will be for them and for you.

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Find Out What Is Human Papillomavirus

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Health life, HPV | 0 comments

All You Need To Know About HPV

The abbreviation HPV stands for human papillomavirus, but its effects are more frequently experienced in a much more personal way, from the first hand since many people have had the unfortunate opportunity to experience.

If you want to learn more about HPV and how to be able to deal with it, as well as prevent it, make sure you read on. We will discuss some important facts about HPV that everyone should know.

Understanding HPV


What Is Human Papillomavirus?

papilomatoseAs it has been previously mentioned HPV, or human papillomavirus is a disease which affects humans. HPV or human papillomavirus is in fact a DNA virus that affects humans, but more importantly it affects human health.

This virus is capable of establishing productive infections in keratinocytes of the skin or mucosal membranes in humans and this is dreadful infection usually causes no physical symptoms.

However, infections caused by benign papillomas can lead to cancers. This is how benign papillomas which appear on the cervix, vulva, vagina, penis, oropharynx and anus, can ultimately cause cancer in humans.

This is supported by the fact that 70% of all cervical cancer cases are caused by HPV. As for the identification of the problem, well we can just say that 170 types of HPV have been identified, and more than 40 are typically transmitted through sexual contact.

How Dangerous Is Human Papillomavirus?

A lot of people upon learning that HPV is generally an STD, are normally concerned about how dangerous this virus actually is. HPV can be considered rather dangerous mainly because it causes 5% of all cancer cases worldwide! What’s more, this number is even higher in developing countries.


How Is Human Papillomavirus Transmitted?

Unfortunately, there are numerous ways in which this disease can be transmitted among humans. HPV can be transmitted from mother to child during birth. Still, it is rare that a child will gets HPV-related disease as a newborn.

The virus usually remains latent and asymptomatic for years in children and infants. HPV is commonly transmitted through genital contact and through blood. Even condoms are not considered to be able to protect you, since the thigh area is not covered and you are exposure to the infected person’s skin can lead you to contracting the virus.

How Can I Get Tested?

24707488246_c632134993In men a swab can usually show the presence of HPV, whereas in women getting a cervical screening can indicate certain types of HPV. In addition to that, mouth cells can also be tested for HPV. But it is important to mention that each person should take care of their own health and reproductive health in particular.

Therefore, testing yourself for HPV will not only make your current or future partner at ease, but it will also allow you to take good care of yourself. Having that in mind it is also important to be careful with your choice of sexual partners and ask them about their health.

Remember, it is in your best interest to get yourself tested and there is nothing to be shy about to ask your partner to get tested with you before you have the first intercourse together.

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Health Benefits of Running

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Health life, Womens Health | 0 comments

5 Ways In Which Your Health Improves When You Run

Having troubles motivating yourself to go for a morning run? Well, perhaps if you learn more about positive effects running has on your health, you will feel a lot more enthusiastic when it comes to running! Here are five changes that happen in your body when you run on a regular basis.

Just Follow These Steps!


1. You Become Happier

All the feel good chemicals that are released from your brain when you run or perform any other physical activity for that matter can truly make you a much happier person! The reason why running is almost addictive is the fact that during running your body excretes hormones which are known as endocannabinoids and lift up your mood.1447388890153

Especially if you are depressed, these chemicals can help you surpass your feelings of depression and sadness. Actually, these chemicals have a pretty similar neurochemical effect on your brain as addictive drugs. After learning that, it does not come as a surprise that a lot of runners are completely addicted to running and refer to running as their ‘drug’.

2. You Remain Fit

tumblr_nshfuamHds1uwphijo1_500If you want to remain health and maintain your weight, it is important that you do not lead a completely sedentary lifestyle, but engage in physical activity. Running is a great way to use up all the extra energy you have and it will keep you fit and healthy. In addition to that, running also helps your metabolism, so you will be able to eat pretty much anything without feeling guilty about it.

3. You Expand Your Lifespan

If you would like to live longer, start running! It is as simple as that! Running (or any other physical activity) will in fact expand your lifespan, so make sure that you exercise five times per week at least for 30 minutes.

The studies showed that running reduces risks of developing cancer which is one of the leading diseases in the world. Therefore if you want to expand your lifespan and contribute to your overall health, you know what to do!

4. You Become Fitter

Not only that running can help you maintain your ideal weight and keep you in optimum health, but it can also help you to become fitter!

It can be pretty easy to achieve that goal weight if you just start running in the morning! This is one of the fastest ways to lose weight, and moreover, it is also great for losing fat in particular! Therefore, if you want to lose fat and keep your muscles, start running!

5. You Improve Your Memory

sh_92285356_joggen_800x462.jpgJogging and running also has tremendous positive effects on your brain, more particularly on your memory.

Numerous researches have shown that running is extremely effective when it comes to reducing symptoms of dementia and it actually manages to protect people who have a predisposition to developing Alzheimer’s disease! Therefore, in order to keep a sharp mind put your trainers on and start running!

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